Gurumustuk Singh – 1979 (4 Years old)

Here is a picture of me (1979). It looks like I am squeezing out a smile. The more of these pictures I see of myself when I was this age, the more it reminds me of Narayan and how he looks now. Narayan does look mostly like his mother Arjan, but there is some of me in his face which I can definitely see.

Narayan is almost 4 years old! He turns 4 on August 12th.

My mother is reading my blog now and added these comments:

“I believe that you were 5 years old.We stayed at Guru Nanak Nivas at Darbar Sahib. You were the sweetheart of the Perkarma and all the sevadars there at the Golden Temple. You even found your way to Bibi-ji Amarjit Kaur’s home to get fireworks to play with….once you dropped a handful of prashaad from the upper level, down on to the Tabla player below inside GT. The tabla player simply took out a hanky, wiped his tabla, and continued playing.I think Narayan Singh looks a great deal like you.”