Left Philly….Back in New York with My Parents

This morning we had a brunch in Pennsylvania with a lot of my family to celebrate my Grandfather’s 90th birthday. He is an amazing person full of joy, smiles and happiness. He lives so simply and is always there for us. He is 90 years old and still working away. He does construction work for fun. Renovating and beautifying houses and then selling them. It’s pretty cool seeing someone his age full of energy. It’s inspiring.

During the brunch he came up to me and said that he wanted to share his secret to happiness. He said that it was nice seeing my bright joyful smile and not some fake one (My grand father is never short of a smile, so it must run in the family!). He said that always smiling and giving that joy is what keeps him going. Not letting the negative or hard things get a hold in him (just letting it go).

It was really nice seeing the family, and I know it meant a lot for us to be there with them. When you get older I’m sure having your family near you means a lot. Nowadays most families live so far apart and do not interact very much. I’m sure it can be lonely when you are older.

Well… we drove for about 3 hours and am now back in Brooklyn, New York where my parents live. We’ll be here for a couple days just relaxing and then back to New Mexico Tuesday night. I wasn’t feeling very good today and yesterday so will be taking it easy. Better get to sleep so I can get some rest.