Junked Out

Well…I think I have had enough junk food for the day. The one thing I like about being at my own home is that I can eat healthy food. I guess when you eat very healthy and are used to eating a certain way it can be hard to be satisfied. I can’t handle lots of processed foods. I love good ‘ol simple foods. Rice and beans, daal, salads, etc.. basically fresh wholesome foods. Other stuff just seems to make me tired and suck my energy out. Is it just me? Or have I just become so sensitive to my body? I think most people get so disconnected to their bodies that they don’t notice the difference when they eat things. It’s amazing how your body can tolerate and live off of total junk. I don’t even have caffeine (coffee/tea). If I were to have a cup, I would be wired for the whole day and the next. Unlike some of my friends who laugh… “Hah! I can have coffee and it will put me to sleep!”.

Your body is a temple and should be taken care of as such. I guess that is the ideal, but something to think about and strive towards.

OK… I’m going to go off topic. Someone made a comment on my blog about my “lefty turban” and how it didn’t look as good as my son’s because it looked “odd”. When I learnt to tie a turban when I was young I just started that way…and didn’t think anything of it….Until people started to make comments on how it didn’t look right and asking if I was “lefty”. Come on guys!?

Now for me it is a cool thing. It is great to stand out…and another way to do so. I like to break people’s “boxes” open. It is too easy to just think of things in relation to what you think is right or wrong and make judgments. We as Sikhs and people need to open their minds and stop trying to put something into this right or wrong category. The turban thing is such a small issue..but for me it is a tiny example which shows how people think about things.

Another example is all the comments in regard to some of my friends doing Bhangra dance presentation for a newlywed couple. It is totally ridiculous how people just nit pick at things. It’s no wonder most of the youth don’t want to have anything to do with being a Sikh. I’m not saying that people should just do Bhangra wherever, but you can’t look at things in a black and white way. Did you ever stop and consider also that most of us who do Bhangra don’t even know what the lyrics say?? There are the constant judgments being made based on certain associations (Bhangra = Drinking, partying), which in our case is not the case. Most of our community do Bhangra for fun and exercise and completely “clean”. We don’t have all the same issues that much of the Punjabi community has relating to Bhangra. Sikhs are no longer only from Punjab, so people need to realize that and try to understand that there are big cultural differences.

Also for everyone’s information, everyone in our community is not Amritdhari. Most people assume that all of us are Amritdhari. Most Sikhs in our community (men and women) wear a Turban, whether or not they are Amritdhari. The fact is that even though many are not Amritdhari, Sikhi is a huge part of their everyday lives. It is not a defining factor of being a better or worse Sikh.

Sorry about all this…I get worked up when I see critical thinking and nit picking without even knowing much about the people/situations involved. That’s enough for the night.

Food for thought! hahaha…. (full circle on the topic)

ps. This is just part of all of us getting to know and learning from each other. There are so many differences and things in common that we all have to share.