A Mellow Day

Well..not to much to say today. Don’t want to bore you with the mundane things. Overall it was a super relaxing day. It was so nice getting up in the morning and going out on the grass by the lake and doing yoga, meditation and banis. Hearing the birds chirping and just feeling mother nature around me. It was refreshing and peacefull. For those of you who live in a city, I know you are missing out! It’s so nice to be in nature.

Arjan and her sister went out shopping so I decided to stay home and just relax… untill I got onto the computer. The computer is like a magnet for me. I really have to discipline myself to do other things and get away. I guess right now the blog is the culprit. But hey…isn’t this fun?

Narayan is on the floor next to me. He fell asleep. He really wanted to be with me so he stayed with me. Time to take him..and myself to sleep.

Till we meet again. (tommorow probably!)