Kirpan v/s Nail cutter in NSW Parliament

Here is an email that was forwarded to me that I thought was interesting:

“Dear Guru Pyareo,
I would like to share my recent experience with our Kirpaan in NSW Parliament.

On the evening of wednesday, the 25th May 05, I was invited to attend Vesak day (Buddha Jayanti) celebrations at NSW Parliament which was attended by Governor of NSW, Premier of NSW and at least 5 Ambassodors and Councillor General of various countries including Pakistan and various Ministers and speaker of NSW Parliament.

Of couse there was a tight security arrangements. But to my great surprise, the security officer knew about the knife legislations and religious exemption. I was asked to go through metal detector as usual. My body was thoroughly checked as is done at the international airport. With a smile on his face, the security office gladly allowed me to enter the Parliament with Kirpan. However, he politely said that I am not allowed to take the nail cutter which I had in my pocket. He took the nail cutter from me and gave me the receipt.

I collected the nail cutter on my return.

Kulbir Singh”