How do you tell a vibrant sangat from a “Formality” Sangat? – by Dya Singh (Australia Wala)

Very simple really:

  1. When kirtan is being done, the sangat sings along as often as it can.
  2. When the ‘ardaas’ (standing final prayer) is done, a vibrant sangat enthusiastically says ‘WAHEGURU’ when Waheguru is invoked by the ‘Ardasia’ (one doing the ardas). In a formality sangat you barely hear a murmur at that point. Attend a western dharma sangat gurdwara and you will know what I mean! Simple observations by my daughters! At one gurdwara program, my daughter turned round with a mock look of indignation and said – “Dad, the ladies are singing louder than me!” and smiled. At another program she said – “We might as well be singing in a morgue!”

I was just reading Dya Singh’s monthly Diaries and thought the above observation was very true. Sometimes things are so obvious and when someone points it out you think to yourself…..”Why didn’t I notice that?”. So…the next time you go to Gurdwara take notice and see which category your Sangat falls in. If it is the “formality sangat”, see what you can do to inspire change. It may be as simple as YOU being the change. One person’s energy and enthusiasm can effect the whole sangat.