Akal Takhat – June 6th (Today)

Today is June 6th, which has special significance to Sikhs.

On June 6, 1984 military tanks stormed the Golden Temple, thousands of Sikhs were killed, and the Akal Takhat, the supreme seat of religious authority for the Sikhs martyred itself in order to awaken a sleeping spiritual nation.

SikhNet has posted some articles of interest which you might find interesting:

Every 6th of the month we have a special Gurdwara in the evening to commemorate the Akal Takhat and all those who died in order to uphold and protect our Dharma.

Aside from the actual Gurdwara program Shanti Kaur normally tells an inspirational story relating to Sikh history. You can hear a few of them here: 1, 2, 3.

At the Gurdwara everyone who comes brings some type of food or drink which becomes the langar. It is a medley of foods that the sangat has lovingly made. Anywhere from Pizza, pasta, juices, rice, daals, soups, teas, cookies, cakes, it’s all there. It’s quite an experience!