Friday is Here Once Again!

It’s Friday evening…and if you feel like I do (tired and ready to have a relaxing weekend), then go to your fridge, get a nice cool glass of juice or ice tea, take a few long deep breaths, relax, and let what happened this week go out of your mind. I sure am going to do that as soon as I get out of the office. Any minute now my wife (Arjan) is probably going to be calling me wondering when I’m coming home. It’s a whole different life when you are married and have children. No more 16 hour work days. I love being married, it helps balance my life so that I don’t overextend myself. By the way… Arjan’s birthday is tommorow (Saturday, Jun 4th). We are going to do some fun stuff tommorow. It’s Her 31st Birthday! I married an “older” woman (9 months older than me). She takes really good care of me and Narayan. I wish everyone had such a great wife as Arjan.

*Ring* – *Ring* – Well, There is the phone call :) – Dinner at a friends house. So…I guess that is it for this journal entry.

See you another day….. and be sure to do something fun, cause otherwise monday will come and you’ll be starting the week all over, so why not start it with a relaxed body and a smile!